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Are you a spiritual seeker, and also someone who needs a bass beat playing in the background while you go about changing the world? 

Do you ever feel that rush of energy that makes you know you are capable of anything, if only you knew what it was? 

Perhaps with all your hopes and dreams, you still may find it a challenge to live on purpose, feeling confused about what it means to be spiritual not religious, and lacking direction at the best of times. 

While you have the best intentions, you might wonder if it is even possible to open to deeper awakening without getting lost in the chaos of modern life. And yes it takes some grit.

You may have tried apps, workshops, silent retreats or even psychedelic plant journeys. And nothing has quite worked to get you into a regular practice, and connected with a spiritual way of daily being.

Plus time is a thing too.  How do you find time to meditate, explore mystic teachings and contemplate your awakening if you're hustling your startup, growing your new paradigm family, creating epic art projects or have a full time gig?

And if you do manage to get away into some silence, how do you justify an elaborate retreat if you find yourself back at the grind after four weeks, and the magic seems far, far away?


You might wonder, is the constant striving to live a soul centered life really worth it?
Can you really get connected to your higher purpose without giving up dance parties?

Anyways, if that's a bit how you feel right now. Or if any (or all) of the above questions run through your head day after day - I might be able to help.

First up, let me give you a high five for asking the big questions and being willing to go deep. And next,  I want to share with you a road map, so that you stop hitting dead ends or getting lost on back roads, and instead take the fast lane to a life of meaning and purpose that you can thrive in, while still having your fave music playing the soundtrack of your rad life.

Plus if you think this spiritual stuff is for the unicorns, I want to show you how being AWAKE is the ultimate rebellion!


I’m Biba - Spiritual Coach, Purpose Guide and Music Producer.

  • I have had a deep spiritual practice since I was a teenager.

  • I’ve built 6-7 figure startups. 

  • I’ve had my heart broken (..open)

  • I have lived in community and travelled around the world. 

Over the years I have worked with artists, musicians, seekers, burners, new paradigm entrepreneurs and high vibe Mr Big New Yorkers; sharing with them spiritual teachings, guided purpose retrieval, meditations, intentional dance, mystical wisdom (and research too.) 

They are a tribe of people who I like to call Evolutionaries.

I now offer remote spiritual coaching for seekers and the spiritual-curious. Either privately or in semi-private groups, and in our curated community. WONDERLAND is a spiritual coaching arena dedicated to personal awakening and building purpose driven communities. To ensure the authentic intention of this community there is a prerequisite eight week immersion called Path of Purpose to coach you from feeling lost, dazed and seeking, to empowered, on purpose and awake. Setting up the framework for manifesting your purpose and spiritual practice.

This multifaceted program will take you from random spiritual ideals to leveled up, dialled in and on point with your practice, direction and purpose. While staying inspired and connected to your creativity and self-expression.

The semi private groups for August are limited to four people each. Early applications will open soon for August 2020. I also have one group buyout available, if you would like to take this adventure with your friends or family.


As your coach I’m going to share with you how I live my life on purpose, with a spiritual focus and stay in flow regardless of the noise. And how you can do the same.  While we dance the new earth into existence!

WONDERLAND // Spiritual Coaching Arena

Here’s what’s going to happen…


Each month eight evolutionaries will be invited to WONDERLAND. This is for people who are done with feeling confused, a bit lost in life, and even bored with their spiritual practice (if you even have one), people who are ready to get serious about getting spiritual, start living on purpose and opening new doors to their inner power. 


These inspired evolutionaries will work closely with me to achieve clarity, connect with their true purpose and find affinity with spiritual practice. I will be there coaching them every step of the way.


Would you LOVE to stop procrastinating and start taking the steps towards FINALLY having a focused and inspired spiritual practice that can last a lifetime?



  • Spiritual Coaching Arena for Evolutionaries

  • Path of Purpose (8 Week Adventure) - Semi-private coaching program to uncover your true purpose - this program is a prerequisite to ongoing Wonderland Coaching.

  • 2 x Private Coaching Calls with Biba during Path of Purpose to deep dive your purpose and answer questions and structure your purpose manifestation plan

  • Monthly Evolutionary Masterclasses - Diverse new paradigm topics as we prepare ourselves and our communities to build our future. Recordings Added to Wonderland App

  • Ongoing Weekly Coaching Circles // Purpose/Practice/Path/Community Speaks

  • Exclusive Facebook Community Group to connect with people who are actively building the new earth.

  • 10+ Sound Healing Meditations and Direct Access Meditations by Biba to balance your mind and emotions. 14 curated intentional DJ mixes for Daily Dance Rituals to embody your purpose and open to greater intuition.

Path of Purpose //

The prerequisite program to ongoing spiritual coaching: this program will inspire and motivate you on your awakening path.


The eight weeks follows a unique spiritual coaching program I have developed, (and lived over the last 20 years) to achieve direction, to access your true purpose and and uncover authentic motivation while staying inspired and continually engaged in the unfolding mystery of the universe. Exploring mystical and sound healing meditation techniques that I have practiced for decades which have a high spiritual focus and are super practical. You will also experience the power of sound and music in awakening and healing.

I am now taking applications for the next evolutionaries, to get down and serious about getting mystical. People who I can work with closely to blow their minds and open their hearts; sharing the journey of awakening together.

If you are interested in aligning with your purpose, amping up your meditation game and gaining some pro tips for awakening.  Complete the application form.  It’s that simple.


Soul to soul

Biba, with love


Image by Elliott Engelmann

kind words

“ Working with Biba has been a dream. Her wisdom is potent and her delivery is digestible. This combination makes her work extremely effective. It's refreshing and inspiring to work with someone this intelligent and yet down to earth. She is guiding me to my inner light and I'm forever grateful.” 


~ Lee Curac-Dahl // Founder Army of Love // Infleuncer

sacred dance // vision questing through music

purpose retrieval // lucid & sound meditation 

activate your own power to awaken and heal yourself