soul purpose 


learn the unique keys to discover authentic meaning,

and begin the journey of self-expression

aligned with the life you were born to live

A nine week online coaching masterclass for evolutionaries 

 march 2021 now open

limited to 12 people (3 groups of 4)

experience this transformational nine week adventure
that will connect you with your ‘true purpose’
and awaken your vision, direction and confidence
to live a meaningful life

connect with the course of your future in 2021

In this time of great pause, many change makers have had time to reflect on their life and the choices they made to date, and are re-evaluating how they will reinvent themselves as they move forward. It has never been more timely to dream big and make a positive impact.

Some people have been pushed towards finding a new career as previous situations have been disappearing. And now want to leave their unique mark on the world and do things differently.

And others know they can bring value, and feel a pressing urge to bring their energy and contribution to the evolution and creation of our future.


engaging in a fully purposeful life can make this moment meaningful and powerful for you and our world 

Do you feel the evolutionary impulse?

Do you want to find new ways to be and succeed in life?

Do you want to connect with people who see the world the same way,

and are engaged in building our new future? 

Evolutionaries sense this calling. And often can be confused, frustrated or overwhelmed by what it means to answer this call. Know that this impulse is real, and finding a starting point and a way to navigate through modern life and times of uncertainty, in a purposeful way, is the first step.

This Soul Purpose Masterclass takes a multi dimensional approach to purpose that is unique and powerful. Engaging unique and elegant techniques and frameworks you will realize meaning beyond any previous understanding you may have from career oriented and mainstream purpose discovery processes.

This program is designed for you if you know you could do anything if you only knew what it was.


People who are thinkers, leaders, futurists, disruptors, change makers, peace makers, entrepreneurs, artists, teachers, visionaries (or still in the making!) And you want to pivot your career into more purposeful direction.


People who want to engage in life at the deepest level and live a meaningful rich life while making a positive impact.

This program is critical for you if you know you have the power and wisdom to make an impact in your own life and the world, but are frustrated and are losing hope in how to do this and what it's going to take.

in the soul purpose masterclass

you will.. 

  • Explore the elements of Self 

  • Understand the Four Paths to Purpose

  • Unpack the Anatomy of Purpose

  • Clear the path of knowing and living your purpose of fears and limiting beliefs

  • Discover your values and boundaries and make a contract with the Universe

  • Connect with and learn to trust your higher guidance

  • Learn dynamic ways to tap into your intuition 

  • Create limitless and direct access to your own authentic wisdom, and your creative muse for all your projects and purposeful innovations

  • Define your North Star through a holographic multi dimensional lens

  • Learn to listen deeply and purposefully

  • Learn methods of recalibrating your energy fields to hold and anchor more energy as you awaken to the power of your purpose

  • Use sound healing meditations to increase clarity, focus, ease and grace as you begin to awaken to your purpose

  • Use intentional dance as medicine to effortlessly move through blocks and fears

  • Engage with your purpose and create a master plan for manifesting it

  • Receive the most magnificent gift

the soul purpose masterclass

a 9 week semi-private online coaching program with Bība, spiritual coach, purpose guide and music producer.

During this nine week adventure of discovery, you will be guided step by step as Bība personally coaches you in a tested and repeatable process towards you knowing and living your true purpose. Sessions are 90 minute calls weekly. This unique approach to purpose accesses your own higher self and inner wisdom. Handles fears and anxiety about taking the steps towards fulfilling big purposes. And sets you up on a journey towards a deeply connected and meaningful life and career. Discover your true purpose, connect with the power of music and dance as medicine, and access deep states through sound as meditation. As a music producer and influential meditation teacher, Bība infuses the power of sound and dance to help embody purpose and access higher states of wisdom beyond the mind. All supporting you to live in your true power and make empowered purposeful choices.

In a semi-private online coaching arena, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, you will connect deeply with yourself and uncover what it means to know and live on purpose. These evolutionary, powerful and practical techniques have been used to bring direction and confidence to people all around the world.

You will access states of awareness and insight that many people struggle  for years to uncover. Through learning how to directly access your inner wisdom you will have tools and skills to guide you for life.

a message from bība

Hello Friend,


Are you being called inwardly by a voice you can no longer ignore? If this is you I want you to know on behalf of the universe, you are needed, the world is waiting for your empowered presence, your natural talents and your perfect beingness to shine through you.


2020 was an unprecedented year, and now this moment is a remarkable invitation for you to find more precision, focus and direction as you step forward in to 2021 and lead the life you were born for. 

I'm inspired and honoured that you are considering taking this adventure of awakening with me. The Soul Purpose Masterclass has been born out of the very process I will coach you through. This body of work is my deepest truth and gift to the world. For over 25 years I have been trained by the world's leaders in human potential, purpose, sound healing, spiritual science, meditation and new paradigm business practices.

masterclass overview

Nine Week Soul Purpose Masterclass

Gathering weekly for 90 minute Zoom group coaching to uncover your true purpose


+ // Exclusive Telegram Community Group to connect with people who are actively building the new earth

+ // 6 Sound Healing Meditations & Direct Access Meditations by Bība to balance your mind and emotions

+ //  14 Curated DJ mixes for Daily Dance Rituals to embody your purpose and open to greater intuition

+ // 6 Month Live Your Purpose integration series 

nine stages to knowing and

living your true purpose

Image by Elliott Engelmann

soul words

“ Working with Biba has been a dream. Her wisdom is potent and her delivery is digestible. This combination makes her work extremely effective. It's refreshing and inspiring to work with someone this intelligent and yet down to earth. She is guiding me to my inner light and I'm forever grateful.” 


~ Lee Curac-Dahl // Founder Army of Love // Infleuncer

join me for the next adventure

Please book a time with me for more details and to enroll in the next series.

Semi-private coaching groups are limited to four people.

I have three groups starting in March 2021. Or private one on one self paced coaching.

9 Week Soul Purpose Masterclass

Semi Private Group Per Person // €1440 ($1770US)

Private // €2880 ($3500US)

Extra Gift Series

Pandemic Offering // Live Your Purpose - 6 Month Integration Zoom Series at no charge


This program is designed to bring you the highest and most effective and practical strategies and techniques for living and navigating our modern world.


It is my wish for you, that you allow me to take you into this profound and intimate inquiry of purpose. To sit and be together in the energy of creation and evolution. To me this is the spiritual quest in its purest form. Knowing what we were born for and then living it.

This deep authentic expression is accessible, and is simply a process to be unpacked in a logical and strategic way. If you decide to take this magical ride, nothing is more meaningful to me than to be your coach and guide, supporting you to reclaim yourself and your innate power, in this most electric and significant time in human history.

I look forward to connecting with you and exploring together as we collectively bring light and creative impulse in a directly purposeful way to build the future we all want to be part of.

Soul to soul

Biba, with love



This week lays the foundation of the purpose process system, and also introduces the core concepts of what purpose means, the four paths to purpose and the elements of self.


setting the arena

You will learn the anatomy of purpose and how it is in fact a holographic non linear concept. Before heading in to cosmic purpose territory you will clear a path through fears and limiting beliefs.



Often our greatest answers come because we asked the right questions. This week is about accessing your higher guidance and turning your intuition on using dynamic and practical methods.


going deeper

This week reveals more of your sacred soul self and builds on your purpose,  uncovering details of how you were designed to serve and the most purposeful contexts for your work in the world.



Because there is a scientific aspect to this body of work, this week we stress test and heart test your purpose and use validation strategies to show any false aspects or anything you may be denying.



Now your purpose will be newly in your hands and we will take additional steps for the mind to receive and assimilate, and the body to recalibrate to the energy that is released through purpose access.



This week is the beginning of living your true purpose, making new choices and discovering ways to express your purpose into the world. And noticing how the world responds back to you.



While it can take some time to fully embody living a life on purpose, it will only happen when you engage in purposeful practices and also the exhilarating project of manifesting your purpose.


a magnificent gift

The last week is always a milestone of celebration and completion, however this is also a turning point for a grand beginning. And a final assignment that ensures you do the very thing you were born for.


let's keep connected yeah..?

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