alchemy of dance

Alchemy of Dance is a lucid meditation ritual of the body, mind and soul. A journey of expansion, healing and celebration;  drawing on movement and sound therapy, neuroscience and quantum theory.

Expand your personal power, strengthen your heart/mind connection, and contribute your self-expression to creating a future we all want to be part of.

Movement, sound and intention are the three pillars of the alchemy, each synergistically unlocking the others' powers, deepening the experience. A natural evolution of inner practice, merging our modern culture with the sacred. Accessible and impactful.

alchemy of dance // ceremony

This ceremony is a healing for our planet and for ourselves. Curated from Biba's album of original music, she sets the scene, and intention, and guides the dancers on a collective journey, to engage their power and natural essence to be part of a dynamic and powerful experience of giving prayers and collaborating in the celebration of life. Suitable for art venues, and events as an interactive installation experience.

alchemy of dance // journey

This experience is a curated intentional dance journey. Curated by Biba using artists from various genres with roots in world music, desert house and African influences that reflect her formative years growing up in South Africa. The ecstatic dance, DJ style journey is suited to sunrise celebrations, and sunset opening ceremonies.

amazon // alchemy of dance

Debut album of lucid meditation experiences, inspired by the Alchemy of Dance sessions. A future dreaming and healing  prayer for our planet made with love by Biba, M@kossa and Waiyari.


“Thanks for doing this important work giving voice with direction

to the children of humanity. Truly." 

 Fernando Del Sol / Caravan of Light / Creator Burning Man Camp

“If you're interested in healing through sound and movement -Trust me, follow her and come along for the journey. It's rare for me to find such enlightened souls who can still crack a joke and get down on the dance floor."

Lee Curac-Dahl / Army of Love / Founder

"Enjoyed some of your restorative dance early this morning.

Much needed in these times of high uncertainty and anxiety."

Jacob Scherr / International Attorney / Global Environmental Advocate

“Biba's music deeply emotional, empowering, transforming. Leading us to a deeper states of consciousness, revealing our multi layers and helping to find more compassion in our hearts. A path to pure bliss."

❤  DJane Indra Nessa / Ecstatic Dance DJ

“So powerful, the resonance is so deep. Your guiding tunes are what is needed at the moment, in these times and the reality we are in.

Thank you for creating this for the collective." / Futurist / Journalist

“Played your track today. People went nuts. Loved it. Thank you."

Adan Villarreal / Sundance Moondance / Ecstatic Dance DJ / Founder

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